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Ripple specializes in successfully applying the principles of Conscious Discipline® in families, child care programs, and preschool classrooms.


Ripple's founder, Jessica Shields Flowers, is a Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor, a designation only granted to those who pass highly stringent educational and testing requirements. Jessica is the only Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor in the state of South Carolina.

What is Conscious Discipline®?

Conscious Discipline® is a highly effective, evidence-based program for children, parents, and teachers based on the latest in brain research. It was developed by the renowned educational and development psychology expert Dr. Becky Bailey, author of the nationally acclaimed Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, which has been published in six languages, and several other books.


The Conscious Discipline® program is designed to make changes in the lives of adults—parents, teachers, and others—first. The adults then change the lives of the children in their care.

Does Conscious Discipline® really work?

The results have been eye-opening: besides decreasing impulsiveness and hyperactivity even in the most challenging children, Conscious Discipline® has been proven to reduce aggression by 64% while increasing reading scores by 18%. Entire schools have seen their test scores rise in every area. (See more Conscious Discipline® results here.)


Adults and children who undergo the program enjoy emotional results as well. Parents and teachers find they can constructively transform conflict into positive teaching moments, staying in control and in charge, and the children in their care feel safer and better connected.

How long does it take to work?

You can expect begin seeing positive results immediately.


To continue seeing such positive results, it's critical to consistently apply your new Conscious Discipline® knowledge. You may have heard it said that for adults, it takes 21 days for a new habit to stick. For children, it's a little different: a child must see a principle or skill applied 2,000 times in context before it really sinks in and changes her behavior consistently.


To quote another common saying, learning to live the principles of Conscious Discipline® can be similar to learning a new language... you "use it or lose it."

Is Conscious Discipline® for teachers or parents?

Originally designed for teachers, Bailey has also developed Conscious Discipline® for parents. Ripple specializes in both, working with not only parents and teachers of young children, but with administrators of child care programs and preschools as well.


View a video about Conscious Discipline® here.

How can I bring Conscious Discipline® to my family or school?

As the only Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor in the state of South Carolina, Ripple founder Jessica Shields Flowers works with parents, teachers, and preschools not just in Ripple's home base in Charleston, SC, but across the state and country.


Jessica offers one-on-one coaching for parents and program administrators by phone, email, and/or in person, depending on the need. Contact Ripple today to create your individualized coaching program.


Ripple also offers Conscious Discipline® workshops at conferences, schools, and elsewhere. Contact Ripple to bring a Conscious Discipline® workshop to your area or school.

Dr. Becky Bailey on Jessica Shields Flowers

Dr. Becky Bailey, the founder and developer of Conscious Discipline®, wrote this about Jessica upon seeing her in action: "Your relaxed style and approach to adults is a real strength. ... You have a natural gift for presenting. I was very impressed with your style and ability to constantly model and teach."


Contact Ripple to bring Jessica Shields Flowers to your area or school.


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