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The Moultrie News
The Ripple Effect Has Launched in the Lowcountry
Wednesday, October 1, 2008


With a clear vision for education, Ripple ( has launched, with the mission to support school administrators, faculty and parents in their endeavors to advance the quality of early education.


Early childhood specialist Jessica Shields Flowers founded Ripple to improve the opportunities children have to learn, develop and flourish in a safe environment guided by a strong team of educators.


Flowers has a masters degree in early childhood education and three decades of experience supporting strategic growth and positive change within early childhood education facilities. Her work has been widely recognized and cited in national book publications.


Ripple will work with the management of preschools and daycares to develop goals, strategies and tactics that align with the facility's needs and aspirations.


Ripple also identifies areas for improvement as well as solutions to internal concerns that may include yearly budget, fundraising, staff training, school messaging, ethics, cultural diversity and parent orientation.


To support parents, Ripple will offer parenting workshops and child development courses tailored to the community to inform, support, guide, and strengthen families.



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