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MP Recreation Department to Offer New Parenting Programs
Wednesday, December 31, 2008


New parents and parents-in-waiting: the Mount Pleasant Recreation Department is offering a new series of programs just for you. Beginning in January, early childhood specialist Jessica Shields Flowers will offer courses covering various parenting topics especially designed for the new mother or father.


According to Flowers, the parenting programs will help new parents or parents-to-be answer the question, “What does my child wish I knew?”


Flowers, founder of the education consultancy Ripple, LLC, has worked with families, daycares and preschools for over three decades. She will share tips and information with Lowcountry parents through a new winter series of courses with the Mount Pleasant Recreation Department: Parenting 101, Mommy/Daddy-to-Be and Choosing the Best Childcare and Preschool.


The Parenting 101 program is especially for parents with children ages 2-5.

In this four-week class, parents will discover their child’s temperament, find out why play is important, learn about brain development and discover how a young child acquires literacy.


Two four-week sessions of the Parenting 101 class will be offered at the MPRD Park West Recreation Complex, taking place on Tuesdays beginning Jan. 6 or Feb. 3 Shields will also offer two one-day themed parenting classes beginning in January.


A one-day class for mothers or fathers-to-be will be offered on Jan. 14 and Feb. 6. During this program, parents- in-waiting will find out how their everyday interactions impact their baby’s future, including how parents can positively affect their newborn’s brain development to enhance his/her learning and emotional intelligence. This program will take place at the MPRD Park West Recreation Complex from 10- 11:30 a.m. on both dates.


The second one-day parenting program focuses on parents interesting in learning how to choose the best childcare or preschool for their 2 to 4-year-old. This class will be offered from 10- 11:30 a.m., Jan. 7 at the MPRD Park West Recreation Complex.


Fees for the parenting programs are $20 per person for each one-day program and $80 per person for the four-week Parenting 101 program. Interested parents and parents-to-be may sign up for these programs at any MPRD facility or online at



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