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Find greater joy and success as a parent... immediately! Your whole family will be transformed, beginning with you and your child(ren).


One of just two Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructors in the state of South Carolina, Ripple founder Jessica Shields Flowers works one-on-one with parents across the state and US, offering parent coaching by phone, email, and/or in person, depending on the need.

What can I expect from parent coaching?

Parents who engage in parent coaching by Ripple can expect to quickly learn how to:

  • Stop reacting to life events... and start really responding
  • Implement discipline strategies with proven results
  • View disruptions as opportunities to teach children new skills
  • Improve your child's education by building a School Family™
  • Develop parenting self-control, self-concept, and willpower
  • Become the person you want your children to become!

It doesn't stop there. Besides benefiting every day from what you're learning and feeling increasingly safe and secure, your child(ren) will learn to become more accountable for their own behaviors rather than shifting blame to others, increase her (or his) learning skills, and more.


Contact Jessica Shields Flowers to discuss your family's coaching needs and goals.

Are your parent coach's values similar to mine?

That's an excellent question. Families of all values can benefit from the Seven Basic Skills of Conscious Discipline®, but you'll be even more successful if you subscribe to these principles:

  • Composure: being the person you want your child to become
  • Encouragement: acknowledging we're all in this together
  • Assertiveness: saying no and being heard
  • Providing choices: building self-esteem and willpower
  • Positive intent: seeing the best in others
  • Empathy: handling the fussing and fits in the right spirit
  • Consequences: helping children learn from their mistakes

Contact Jessica Shields Flowers to discuss your family's coaching needs and goals.

My family has a special situation.

During her 30 years in the early childhood field, Jessica Shields Flowers has worked with families in a wide variety of situations, from children with special needs to families undergoing the stages of grief. (Read what other parents have said about working with Flowers.)

Contact Jessica Shields Flowers to discuss your family's individual needs.


Ripple also offers Conscious Discipline® classes for parents at conferences, schools, and other locations across the United States. Learn more about our parenting workshops and our extensive parents' book study program.



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